Tupelo News Update 2021

Jun 02, 2021

It is Tupelo time again and the news could not be better for the 2021 crop. Although, the weather did not cooperate the honey was excellent. It was lining up to be a bumper crop this year with the river level being up all year, and the Tupelo blossom almost dripping nectar. This is something that is not seen very often. Then, the wind decided to blow and blow and blow. One day it reached over sixty miles per hour. This dries the blossom out and damages it. Thank goodness we got a few good days in before it started. The honey is just beautiful this year. With the greenest cast that I have seen in a while, and the taste is off the scale. If the weather had cooperated it would have been a bumper crop this season. So, the production was down but the honey was of the highest quality.

The bees had a tough year with the mites. It seems that not much works anymore to keep them under control. If the beekeepers do not get something soon to deal with the mites there will not be any need for beekeepers because there will not be any bees to keep. I hope for all our sakes something turns up soon.

I hope everyone has managed to get through this covid mess without sickness or death. I know everyone wants this nightmare to be over.

I hope everyone gets their order in and enjoys one of the simplest things in life, great Tupelo Honey. It is sure to put a smile on your face. Also, remember Tupelo honey makes a great gift for any occupation.

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                                                                        May 2021
                                                                        Glynnis Lanier