Tupelo News Update 2020

May 19, 2020

The honey crop is in for the 2020 season, and the news is good and bad. The honey is a really good quality; almost, identical to the 2018 crop which was some of the best produced in years. The only difference in the two is the thickness of the honey. This year’s honey is so thick we could hardly extract it. The bad news: We did not make much of it. The bloom this spring was as strange as I have ever seen it. It started blooming in early April and bloomed in stages until the end of April. Clearly the trees are still suffering from Hurricane Michael. It could take another two to four years for them to straighten out and have a normal blooming season. Another, contributing factor to the lean crop this spring was the weather. We had hurricane force winds and rain for most of the blooming season. All that said, we will take what we have and be glad we have it.

        We are still trying to recover from Hurricane Michael and now we are dealing with Covid-19. We just cannot catch a break around here. Our county has been incredibly lucky in that we still only have one case. I hope we can keep it that way.

        The other bad news: Your Tupelo Honey maker is not doing well. Ben has had several heart procedures this fall. All three of his main arteries in his heart were almost completely closed off. He still has some blockages that need to be fixed, but with all the Covid-19 going around he cannot risk going to his doctor. He is still not well. He is not able to work. He just drives Heath and our help to the bee yard and tells them what to do if they need him, and this is even hard for him.

        We have been so proud of Heath. He has stepped in and taken over for his dad, just like he has been doing this his whole life. He has taken on a lot of responsibility for a sixteen-year-old, so going forward he may be your honey man not Ben. This year’s crop could not have been made without him. I hope Ben can hang on long enough to divulge all the knowledge he has about bees and tupelo honey making.

        We will be looking forward to your orders and hope everyone stays safe and Covid-19 free. Also, we have a drive-through service for anyone who needs it.

                                                                        Glynnis Lanier
                                                                        May 18, 2020