Tupelo News Update 2018

May 25, 2018

The prices are up, and the new 2018 honey is ready for sale.

        The 2018 Spring is giving us the best news we have had since 1992. Ben and the bees have made us the best quality tupelo honey produced in many years. It may even be the best ever. We have never had honey so thick that we can’t get it to flow. We have never seen the color so beautiful, or the taste so exquisite. If you miss out on a jar of this honey, you’ve missed out on a chance of a life time. This is the kind of honey that motivates us year after year to try again for a honey crop. There is no better satisfaction in the world for Ben; he loves what he does.
        While we didn’t have a bumper crop; we did much better than the last four years. The price will come down. How much, we don’t know yet. We hope to be shipping by the week of May 20th.
        The bloom this spring was as beautiful and as lush as we have seen in a long time. It was hanging on the trees like grapes. Again, we encountered the issue of over pasturing. Our bees were filling up and as soon as the other beekeepers came in and sat on top of us the flow came to a standstill, and the bees started scattering it. We hope to have some type of remedy in the next year or so to stop this behavior. If any of our customers would like to take the time to write a note and send it to us; it would be greatly appreciated and would help in our fight to end this practice.
         Heath is doing his apprentice work this year as a beekeeper. He’s a natural, so we may have someone to carry on the tradition.
        We will be looking forward to your orders. Also, we have gift baskets for any occasion, and we should be adding some new items soon.
        Hope everyone enjoys the honey as much as us.

                                                                        By: Glynnis Lanier
                                                                                May 2018