Tupelo News Update 2017

May 16, 2017


I’m taking a deep breath now, so that I’ll have the strength to write this letter. The tupelo crop was a complete disaster. There was almost zero honey produced. This was largely due to over pasturing the tupelo. I can hear L.L.’s voice saying, “You can put too many bees on that swamp,” and that is exactly what has happened. This has been going on for the last few years and has increasingly gotten worse. The old beekeepers knew better than this and wouldn’t dare get close to another beekeeper. They always tried to put at least a mile between each bee yard. Honey production isn’t the only reason you keep a distance from another beekeeper. It’s to keep disease from spreading and to keep the bees from going to war when you take the honey from them. When the honey is pulled the bees battle each other and millions of bees die.    Too many bees are being concentrated in too small of an area; therefore, they can’t forage properly. It’s the same as putting too many cows in a pasture. The cows can’t feed and neither can the bees. Tupelo honey may become a thing of the past if this behavior doesn’t change.

        We have seen this same show before, but not on this large of a scale. We have watched them come and go over the years. Tupelo honey production is a hard business as most of them find out the hard way. I hope and suspect this behavior will run its course, but in the meantime the tupelo honey consumer pays the price. We all know the world has changed. There is just no common sense or respect left for anyone or anything.

        The color is a little off this year for the honey; however, it’s the thickest honey I have seen in years. The quality is very similar to the 2016 crop, so if you enjoyed the 2016 crop you will enjoy this years.

        At this point all we can do is move forward and hope that next spring brings change and a decent honey crop. Savor every drop because it won’t last long.

        We are introducing a new product this year. It’s called our Country Honey Pot. We should have it online in the next couple of weeks along with some other products. Keep checking back with us over the next few weeks and months to see the new items.

                                                                May 2017

                                                                Glynnis Lanier