Tupelo News Update 2016

May 16, 2016

This year's honey crop has been a great disappointment. Everything was perfect for a record breaking year. The bees were strong, the weather was almost perfect, and the river was up most of the year. So what went wrong? We think maybe over pasturing or something wrong with the trees, or both. The bees could even be having trouble remembering how to forage. We are just really not sure. We made less honey than last spring. We will run out of honey again this year. We are going to sell the honey in the one pound size only this year. We are doing this because so many people had to do without last year, and this will allow everyone to get a little.   What honey we made is beautiful. I haven’t seen honey like this in a long time.
        We will start taking orders in the next few days, but we will not be shipping until the week of the 23rd. Some orders may not go out until June 1 due to the volume of orders coming in. We wish things were better, but we have done all we can within our powers to make a crop of tupelo honey. Hang in there with us and maybe we can make a good crop next year.
        We finally got Ben well and then Heath decided it was his turn to be sick. Heath was in the hospital for five days in October with a really bad virus. He lost 13 pounds and he looked like a stick figure before that. He is doing really well now, but it took him a long time to get over it. Oh, except trying to take his finger off two weeks ago.
        Also, we would like everyone to know that Ben’s mother Martha Lanier passed away last May. She is the one who started the mail order business in the 50’s with an ad in Prevention Magazine. We also lost Mrs. Louise Bryant. She worked for us for more than 30 years. She was not only an employee, but also someone Heath considered as a grandmother. We will greatly miss them both.
        Remember to order your Christmas honey soon because we may be out by then. We would like to say thanks again to all our loyal customers.

By: Glynnis Lanier
May 16, 2016