Tupelo News Update 2016

Apr 24, 2016

We wanted to let everyone know that the new crop should be ready by the middle of May. Some of the tupelo is open as of April 24, 2016, but the bees still do not have any honey in the hive. There is still a lot of tupelo to open, so maybe the bees will fill the hives in the next two weeks. As soon as I know we have honey, I’ll take down the sold out items on the web site, and allow everyone to start ordering. This could happen around the middle of May. However, it may be the first of June before shipping starts. It takes a lot of time to bottle the honey and pack it for shipping.

Everything looks good this year for a good crop. The bees are really strong, and we have had water in the swamp for most of the year. If the weather corporates,we should be good to go. We are just in a wait and see pattern at this time. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Glynnis Lanier
April 2016