Tupelo News

Nov 01, 2008

The Tupelo News is great again this year. The river level rose and stayed up long enough to water the tupelo trees. The river level is the only thing that saved us this year. Without the river rising this year we would not have made a crop of tupelo honey. The quality of the honey this year is great. The color and flavor are the best in years.

The bees have been doing well and we have had no problems with the colony collapse disorder; which I think is an accumulation of pesticides. We almost had another mishap with our bees and the mosquito control this year. Thank goodness the problem was resolved before our bees were killed.

We hope to have honey all year, so don't worry everyone will have time to get their honey order in.
Unfortunately the news for the family has not been good this year. L.L. Lanier passed away August 12, 2008. L.L. was 85 years old so he lived a long and happy life. He loved to talk about tupelo honey to anyone that would listen, and he just loved to talk. Anyone who has ever met L.L. knows that. He will be greatly missed. The passing of L.L. has been especially hard for Ben, so we are hoping with time he will feel like himself again.      
Heath on the other hand is full of it. He is real good at getting money out of honey customers. Heath will get the customers to write a check on paper and then tell them to cash the check and give him the money.

I'm sorry it took so long to get a news letter out this year. With L.L. passing things have really been crazy and it has just been all we could do to get from day to day.

Again, we hope everyone enjoys the honey and has a prosperous year.

Glynnis Lanier - November 2008