Tupelo News

May 21, 2013

The new honey is in, and I'm sorry to say we have had three bad years in a row. This is just about unheard of. The first Tupelo blooms started on April 25th, and for the first ten days we had wind and rain. The bees could not work the bloom. With the forecast calling for lots of sun we were hoping for the best. However, the best did not materialize. We made about a third of a crop. Ben always said, "The late bloom on the Tupelo never shows up." He was right. The bees had about ten days to work the late bloom and the honey did not show up. If the weather had cooperated this would have been one of our best years. This year's crop is some of the most beautiful honey that has been produced in the last ten years. The honey is so thick it can hardly be poured. This quality of honey is hard to come by. I'm sorry to say the honey will not last long. Everything seemed to come together this year for a great honey flow, and when the bloom started everything fell apart. Now all we can do is hope for the best next year.

Glynnis Lanier - May 21, 2013