Tupelo Honey Orders Shipped to Virgin Islands

You may complete the order form below. When you click the "Continue" button, the order will be totaled, and an "Order Confirmation" will be displayed. Then you will be given the option to pay by check or pay by credit card.

If you click the "Pay by Check" button you may print the confirmation, enclose your check, and mail the order to us. If you click the "Pay by Credit Card" button you will be transferred to our secure server where you can enter your credit card information. Just fill in the information and click "Confirm Order".

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Prices Shipped to Virgin Islands
One 5lb. Jar - $108.00
Two 5lb. jars - $198.00
Six 5lb. jars - $529.00
One 2-1/2lb. jar - $63.00
Two 2-1/2lb. jars - $110.00
Four 1lb. jars - $90.00
Five 1lb. jars - $112.00
Six 1lb. jars - $132.00
Ten 1lb. jars - $224.00
Twelve 1lb. jars - $264.00
Four 12oz. Bears - $77.00
Six 12oz. Bears - $105.00
Twelve 12oz. Bears - $210.00
One 1lb jar - $31.00
Two 1lb jars - $54.00
One 5lb. Jug - $108.00
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